973607_665067083510514_1932986162_nHey guys! Let us just talk like friends, I know we don’t really know each other…but yeah…NOW WE ARE FRIENDS, SO MUST IT BE! My cats are in an epic cat off….just so you know….see, already feel like we are so close lol. Now that we are all best friends, I will explain what this epic blog will be about. First off, believe it or not, I’m not very social, I am very inverted, and I mean my personality! I am a thirty year old mom of a six year old girl whom I love more than anyone or thing in this whole entire world, besides God. Yes, I am Christian, but even if you are not, that doesn’t mean we are not best friends anymore……right…..? he he he…..umm so yeah, I am very immature, with just the right amount of matureness. I am obsessed with nature, animals, and DIYs! I mean, who isn’t, right? I am a psych major and religion minor. I have studied a lot about religions, and am very interested in them, and different cultures and beliefs. I am native American and German, with a dash of Irish and French. My favorite color is blue. Cerulean to be exact. I am a Libra , I can be moody, and dashingly charming, I apologize in advance for that. I want everyone to feel loved, important, and happy! I want everyone to have someone to talk to! I want everyone to know, they can be good people, and you will find quickly, my biggest pet peeve is people that are mean for like no reason.I want you, as my best friends to be comfortable talking on our blog. If you have any ideas for topics let me know. But I know starting off, my first post will be about how I am starting this blog and an introduction, I know for sure I will write something about that….lol okay thank you for stopping by, and wont you be my neighbor? okay, please just come back and read my blog….pllllleeeeaaaassssssseeeeeeee PLEASSSEEEE!!!!!

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