A Miracle on Christmas Eve!

2015-christmas-backgroundI was at the hospital, in the tiny room on a bed. Time had frozen, praying the hardest I have ever prayed, I listened for my babies tiny heart beat….nothing…..silently, patiently, I kept listening…this happened about seven years ago on Christmas Eve night.

I was an overnight manager and so I didn’t get home until about 5 am. I had gone home early that night because they just happened to schedule two managers to work in one shift, which was highly unusual. I got home at around 3 am, everyone was asleep.

I was getting ready to go to Walmart…my sleeping patterns were off, ok? Anyway, before I was interrupted….I was getting ready to go to Walmart and I heard a weird noise. My ex fiancé, Kyle heard it to and went to check, came running back in the room, ” the house is on fire!” He ran around telling everyone the house was on fire.

The entire front of the house was on fire! I thought immediately, what do I need to grab? My purse and two cats. So with a cat under each arm, I heroically carried them to safety. We were all in the back yard, the fence was locked,  and I was in no position to jump the fence. Everyone else jumped the fence, my dad said,” I will send a fireman to come and get you.”

I waited, terrified. There was a transformer next to me and it started sparking the fire was spreading closer and closer, I panicked. I ran over to the fence, I can do this, I was in the army, I can do this. But in the Army I wasn’t five months pregnant…oh quackadoodle doo, I was in trouble! I was in fear for the safety of my baby and decided I could do it, I climbed over the fence and landed hard on my stomach.

My heart stopped, oh my gosh, what did I do? Tears started streaming down my face. I ran to the front yard and stared as everything we had burned down, including the presents and the tree, special photos, special things linked to memories. When things like this happen, it makes you realize how little possessions mean.

The fire department and ambulance got there. That night we were on the news, and in the next days news paper, the family that lost everything in a house fire on Christmas eve. We were lucky to make it with our lives. The paramedics asked if I was okay, I couldn’t feel Abby, and I had landed hard on my stomach, I was not okay! ” Please take me to the hospital”, I said. I got there and I got tunnel vision, the world around me didn’t exist, only my baby did. Only hearing that beautiful heartbeat mattered. They strapped the monitor to my belly, we heard nothing, a couple of minutes went by, my heart was breaking. I couldn’t breathe, just waiting, straining to hear any glimpse of a heartbeat, my hand on my belly, waiting to feel movement….nothing. The silence was suddenly interrupted by the most beautiful sound I had ever heard, boom boom, boom boom, I erupted into tears, my baby , she was okay! My baby is six years old today and going strong!static1_squarespace-4


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