Shea Butter comes from a tree?

karitèHello all! Today I am going to discuss how african shea butter is so good for you! What is shea butter? Shea butter is extracted from an African Shea Tree aka Butyrospenmum Parkii. Found in the savannah of western Africa. Shea butter can heal cuts and burns, protect skin from free radicals, relieve sunburn, restore skins elasticity, prevent bumps after shaving relieve joint pain, help with physical endurance, and stimulates the production of collagen. Shea butter is highly moisturizing, an anti-inflammatory, used for Eczema and psoriasis, fades dark marks and scars. Shea butter is highly moisturizing and contains vitamins A, E, and F. Shea butter by itself can be used as a hair conditioner, face moisturizer, stretch mark fader, etc. I use a lot of shea butter in my products, including: shaving lotion and lotions.


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