20 Hacks to Make you Even Smarter

7703353272_b7bc089cff_oDon’t you just love learning new things that you can show off to other people? Well, I sure golly do! I have compiled a list of 20 hacks that not only can help you look smarter when talking, not that you need it…am I right? But facts that have potential uses for everyday life as well! Get ready to be blown away!

1.Chew peppermint or cinnamon when you drive. This is proven to decrease frustration by 25% increase alertness by 30% and actually make the ride seem 30% shorter! 2. Sugar for burnt tongue Got a burning tongue, no problem! Sugar is supposed to tame a burning tongue. 3. If you go to the zoo, where the same colors as the employees, the animals will be more friendly toward you…in most cases.

4.Dont want to be embarrassed when buying something, buy it with a birthday card…just make sure its age appropriate…5.If you ever get trapped underwater in a car, use the headrest to break the window…really good information to know! 6.If you mess up a voicemail to someone push # and rerecord. Definitely remembering that one!

7.Lick your wrist to check your breath. If it smells bad get some gum, tic-tac, or just start brushing more, your welcome! 8.A teaspoon of sugar helps the spicy go down!Eat a teaspoon of sugar after eating something spicy helps neutralize the spice.9.Grape juice can be used to relieve severe migraines. As a suffer of migraines, I don’t know this to be true, but ill try and let you know!

10.Fixitclub.com, if you break something, this website will show you how to fix almost anything! 11.Free water, every restaurant is required to give everyone free tap water, just ask. 12.Don’t chase your dog! When your dog runs off, don’t chase it, instead fall to the ground and act like your hurt, it will come running back to save you! Aren’t dogs amazing!

13.Buy from smile. Amazon.com. Part of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice!14.Have a stomach ache? Lay on your left side and rub in clockwise circles. Its suppose to help! 15.Touch some money! Just  touching money has been shown to reduce emotional and physical pain! 16.Do a barrel roll! If you type “do a barrel roll “into your google search, the entire page will spin! Sounds pretty fandiditly do awesome to me! 17.Park at a bank! If you ever have to park in a city at night, park in front of a bank. There are lights and cameras everywhere. 18.Apply deodorant at night! If you put your deodorant on at night it will be more effective and will cause you to sweat less the next day….you guys try that and let me know how it goes! 19.I love youtube! If someone says “I love you” and you don’t feel the same way, respond by saying ” I love youtube” really fast! NIICCEE! 20.Call 311. You can call 311 to talk to the police if its not an emergency. I have shared my knowledge, use it wisely my friends!

Thank you to pinterest, where I found these life hacks!Adult-learning-logo

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