My furry family

1933649_1252162181467665_7885558829374191481_o10608596_1000139540003265_8628408517850043765_o11206640_1113105342040017_6502494599357770758_o13064746_1346242515392964_9043405012873847933_oWe all love our furry friends, nay, our furry children. They are our protectors, consolers, campanions, and much more! Whats more, they are true inspirations to our lives, their undying devotion and love, their perfect loyalty, their need to just make us happy! In our house we have two cats, two dogs, and fish. Our first dog is a big guy, his name is Seamus. Seamus is an English Mastiff. He was the cutest puppy with his long, tall lean body and his big dome shaped head. He is my baby. He has to be the center of attention. He still sits on my lap and he is huge! My next snuggly wuggly is my dog Al! Al is short for Albus Dumbledore. Al is a German Shepard Husky mix. He has one blue eye and one brown, its pretty cool. He is very protective, but when it comes right down to it, a little bit of a baby! He’s momma’s baby! The next one is Binx. He is our cat. He stands on his hind legs like a Meer cat. He mainly keeps to himself, but he can be a sweetheart. Last, but certainly not least is Belle. Belle is our baby girl cat. She is so loving and sleeps with us every night. We also have an aquarium of fish. Well now you know a little bit about my fur family!

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