How Not to Be Annoying


pppBeing annoying is an epidemic that is facing our society, quite frankly, it’s out of control. But don’t worry, because in this post, im going to tell you how to not be annoying! Number 1, don’t use your blinker when driving, it is so annoying when people use their blinkers, its like blink much?

Number two, throw trash in the street! Throw it all over the street and the beautiful earth, that is what its there for. If a mattress or item falls out of your truck, leave it in the middle of the road, you don’t have time to pick that back up, besides that someone else can use it. Number three, pick your nose everywhere you are. You don’t want those nasty boogers in your nose, so pick that little nosey and wipe the booger somewhere else, not your problem anymore!

Number four,  when someone holds the door for you ignore them. Don’t say thank you, they don’t want to hear that. Nothing is more annoying than holding the door open for someone and that person says, thank you. Its like, get a life okay! Number five, always burp and fart in public,  they are natural body functions that let others know you are not a vampire or zombie. For instance, if someone farted in front of me, I would smile and give them a thumbs up.

Number six, don’t say please and thank you, nobody wants to hear that crap! Its just plain rude! Number seven, when someone is in the middle of talking to you, throw up a peace sign, say im out, and walk off. People don’t really want you to waste their time by making them have an entire conversation with you, respect that.

Number 8, if there is a zombie apocalypse, which is really immanent,  push children and adults alike down if you are all running away from the zombies. It is your right, your trying to survive right, and it is after all a free country! Number 9,  if you happen across a long line, get in front of everybody, I cannot tell you enough how much people love this. They will thank you, trust me. Number 10, if someone drops something, don’t help them pick it up, you will just embarrass them, instead walk around that person, and if you have to gently nudge their stuff to the side with your foot so you can get by.

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