The Bond of a Mother and Daughter

A mother daughter relationship is one of the strongest, most special bonds. As a mother, you start to form a bond with your daughter as soon as she is in your womb. Your the first person your daughter knows. Your hearts beat as one. When I was little, I would watch my mother put on her makeup and wish that someday I would be as pretty as her. Now that I have a daughter, she does the same thing. When I first had my daughter, it was the most beautiful moment of my life. I didn’t know what to expect, but when I saw her face, and held her in my arms, it was true love, the kind of love some people only dream about. I cried tears of joy.

When I was six, I was diagnosed with migraines. My mommy would rub my head and take care of me every time through my screaming and going through the pain. And look out if someone hurt me, my mom was like a pit bull. As I am with my daughter, a momma wolf protecting her young. I remember my mother and I use to go on little adventures in the car, I didn’t care where we were going, as long as I was with my mommy.

My daughter Abby is everything to me, it is a love that cannot be compared to anything else, it is a powerful strong love that will outlast time. She is my reason for living. She makes me so happy. When im having a bad day she is always there to brighten my day. When she has a bad day, I am always there to cheer her up.

My mother was in the delivery room with me, and that she was the only thing that brought me strength and comfort in my great time of need. She was the first person to see Abby, my daughter, and so the generational bonds of motherhood continue.

When I had a broken heart, I wanted my mommy, she was the only one that could make me feel better. When she had a broken heart, I tried my best to fix it. My mother and my daughter have always been the most beautiful girls in the whole entire world to me. When I am hurting, my mother is always the first person I go to for comfort and strength.

“The special bond between a mother and children is like a long knotted rope that can never ever be untangled forever”-Lonora R Aquino.The mother daughter bond is the most powerful bond in the whole wide world, it influences all of our relationships for the rest of our lives. Nobody can make you as angry as your mother and daughter, and nobody can make you as happy as you mother and daughter.  When I look in my daughter’s eyes, I see my mother, and cant help but feel a unique sense of peace and understanding.

I remember my mother and I use to watched Charmed together, and I use to pinch her with my toes, and I would tease her all the time. I will always call my mom first when I need something, and I hope that my daughter will always call me first when she needs something. If someone hurts my baby they better be able to run like a Kenyan, because if I catch up with them, there will be hell to pay, and I know my mother is the same way.

There is no stronger deeper connection than that of a mother and daughter. You after all share the same heart. I forever love you mommy, and I forever love you my baby Abigail!

6 thoughts on “The Bond of a Mother and Daughter

  1. I am so grateful to be your mom, and Abby’s Gammy. Our bond does continue from generation to generation and can never be broken. I wish Nana could meet Abby, and see her performances! I love youuuuuu ♡ I am enjoying your blogs!

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  2. Hi Brandy, you have a very adorable baby girl. The bond between mother and daughter is forever. I don’t have a daughter fortunately I am blessed with a beautiful and loving mom. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping comments on my blog. Keep blogging and see you around WP! 😀

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  3. Hi, thank you for checking out my blog! Thank you so much, I think she is adorable too lol. She is six now and a handful lol. I am glad that you are blessed with such an amazing mom! You are very welcome, I love your blog! Yes, I hope to see you around, I would very much like that! Brandy


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