Three Fun Spring Activities for You and Your Children to do!

2208831354_301b32210b_o.jpgEGG CARTON FLOWERS

What you will need: acrylic paint, glue, paint brush, egg carton (not Styrofoam) , paper straw, scissors, paper plate, and pom poms.

1.   Put some paint onto a paper plate. Cut the egg carton into sections of four. Paint them any way you want, have fun with it

2.After paint has dried, glue a straw to the back of the flower, you can paint the straw too if you so desire. These will be the stems of the flowers.

3.Take a pom pom and glue in the middle of your flower. And there you have it, your very own egg carton flowers! Keep them, or give them as a  gift!



You will need: real white flower ( such as rose, daisy, carnation, etc.), food coloring, scissors, glasses or vases.

  1. Cut the flower stem down to fit in the glass or vase of your choosing.

2. Fill glass/vase with the amount of water you would like to use. Have your child put a few drops of food coloring into the water .

3.Have your child put flowers in the sun. As the flowers absorb the water, they will magically change colors. The amount of time it will take for the flowers to change color will vary, some will take a day, others a week, and so forth. Have fun! thLGEAZLWS



You will need: bird seed mix, gelatin, boiling water, mixing bowl and spoon, biscuit or cookie cutters, a tray covered in tin foil, a ribbon or string for hanging, and a straw.

1.Pour boiling water into bowl. ( equal parts water and bird seed)

2.Pour 2 packages of gelatin into water, stir well until gelatin dissolves.

3.Slowly pour bird seed into the liquid , adding a small amount at a time. Stir the mixture, and make sure all of the bird seed is coated.

4.Place the biscuit cutters on top of tray with tin foil, and fill cutters with mixture, packing in with back of spoon.

5.Push the straw through the mix to make a hole for the ribbon or string to hang.

6 Put the bird feeders in the fridge for a few hours, and then leave them to dry overnight. Very carefully remove bird feeders from molds.

7. Put a ribbon or string through the holes and you are done! Now go tie your bird feeders up, or give away as gifts! Homemade-Birdfeeder-5



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