Things That I Hate

182479_204669542883606_1695497_n (1).jpgEverybody is always writing about how wonderful life is and how everything is going great and about everything they love, I do this too. But today I decided why not try something original and write about everything I hate.

I hate that I was at my daughters school today and I was blocking the crosswalk and I got out of my car and kindly asked the woman in front of me if she could move her car up a couple of feet so I could move up and she said no with her sassy ass attitude.

I hate that there are children and animals being abused all the time and that I cant do anything to stop it. I hate that people are too busy bitching about how they hate trump to come together and fix our nations problems. I hate people who feel they are entitled to something when they aren’t. I hate people that bully other people. I hate it when people feel like they have to hide who they are. I hate it when people are rude and have no manners.  I hate that there are people who torture, rape, and murder people and I hate that they don’t receive the death penalty. I hate that there are people who hurt animals and that they don’t receive the death penalty.

I hate that my computer is a piece of crap and that I don’t have the money to buy a new one. I hate that I ruined my college opportunities. I hate that I don’t have a job. I hate that when I get a job it will be one that I will have to go to for the rest of my life and hate.

I hate that I have to constantly worry about the safety of my child. I hate that I am always broke. I hate that I try so hard to work on this blog, til my wrists hurt and im exhausted and for what , 20 views a day if im lucky. I hate that people are so cruel and mean.

I hate that drugs exist. I hate that there are children starving and I cant help them, and if I could I would in a heartbeat , but there are countless celebrities that don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves who could easily help end world hunger. I hate that people go and adopt babies from other countries, when we have thousands of homeless children in America. I hate that people are so selfish and self centered.

I hate that I have to worry about the safely of my loved ones and my daughter because people cant fucking drive! I hate that nobody wants to help anybody anymore, and I hate that when people try to help other people, those people don’t really need help or don’t use the help. I hate that people pollute the earth and hurt the ecosystem but don’t give a shit.

I hate that I let myself get diabetes. I hate that everyday is a struggle to get out of bed. I hate my depression and anxiety. I hate struggling with my health all the time. I hate that I am always nice, I am a Christian, I always do the right thing, and I fight like hell to get further in this life and it never happens

. I hate that there is a race war going on in this country fueled by hatred and ignorance. I hate that nobody cares about anybody else.I hate that there are lonely people and I cant do anything about it. I hate suicide. I hate people that think they are better than everyone else. I hate bigots.

I hate children killing other children. I hate moms and dads killing their own babies. I hate when children kill their parents. I hate how so many people feel bad about themselves and that we as a society just perpetuate it.I hate that little girls dress twice their age. I hate that children are having sex.  I hate political correctness…its gone too far. I hate that my child will never be able to walk down the street and feel one hundred percent safe. I hate sex trafficking.  I hate greed.

I hate that people hurt each other and don’t give a damn.  I hate that technology has replaced family time. I hate that I question my faith sometimes. I hate that everyday is exactly the same. I hate that people just don’t say what they mean, that they don’t tell the truth, that they are fake. I hate that I cant make everybody love each other and get along and achieve world peace! And those are just some of the things I hate. Most of all, I hate the fact that Rose could have moved her fat ass over for Jack so he didn’t freeze to death in the titanic, but she didn’t.  Peace, im out . (drops mike and walks backwards away all while winking and finger snap pointing)13131367_1346256455391570_6652880913287713481_o

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