18 Tips for Taking Care of Your Amazing Vagina!

7149079421_bb2f7db490_kHey everybody, I hope you are all doing well on this fine day! Lets talk about vaginas! We shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about our vaginas in appropriate ways lol. Vaginas are powerful, special, strong, and part of what makes us women. Vaginas help create one of the best miracles on planet earth, our children. So be proud of your vagina, show it the love, care, and respect it deserves.

  1. ALWAYS wipe from front to back, or use separate pieces of tissue for front and back, this is what I do, and how I taught my daughter to wipe.
  2. NEVER double dip, another words, never put something in your vagina that has been in your boot boot, don’t ever do it!
  3. Air your vagina out, go pantyless for a couple of nights a week if possible. It is good to let your vagina breathe.
  4. Avoid silk, nylon, silky panties. Wear cotton underwear.
  5. Drink lots of water for your vagina health.
  6. Foods that have been said to make your vagina smell better if eaten:  celery, bananas, apples, yogurt, red grapes, cranberry juice, mint, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, mango, blueberries, mint, green tea, cucumber, parsley, citrus, and honey.
  7. Don’t stick things in your vagina that are not made for your vagina, ex. don’t put a bunch of jalapenos in your vagina!
  8. When ever you have sex, or pleasure yourself, try to go pee afterwards.
  9. When washing your vagina, try to use a fragrance, chemical free soap. Our vaginas actually naturally clean themselves, but they can still get sweaty and stinky, especially the outside. I use an all natural soap to clean my vagina. Avoid feminine washes, these can mess with your ph balance.
  10. DO NOT use douches!
  11. If you use tampons, try to use all natural, chemical free ones, or use fragrance free at the very least.
  12. Don’t use hair removal creams,  the chances of you getting a yeast infection are very high.
  13. Drink cranberry juice if you have a bladder infection, in addition to the medical advice of your doctor, and any prescriptions you nay receive.
  14. Always wear condoms, the pill doesn’t prevent stds.
  15. Soak in a warm bath with sea salt.
  16. Wear panty liners if need be, I do because I have had a child, you moms know what im talking about
  17. Use tea tree oil to moisturize the areas that you shave, use daily.
  18. Have respect for your vagina, don’t be letting just anybody in

These are my tips and tricks for taking care of our beautiful, wonderful, unique vaginas. None of the advice I have been given is meant to substitute medical advice. If you notice something weird going down there, go to the doctor Have a beautiful day!(Some of these tips I got from Pinterest, so sourcing pinterest)7771236242_dcd74ab87b_b

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