8 Ways to Practice Self Care That You May Have Not Thought of


Me showing a little self love to myself, im winking at you world..you sexy thing you! All of you



Bath bombs=friendship



This post is all about self love and self care! Self love is big right now, as it well should be, especially in our fast paced world, people need to be told that it’s okay to pay attention to our own needs, it is not selfish, it is not a waste of precious time, it is not exaggerated, which are all the things I thought when I use to think of self care. But it really is a game changer. It helps me step my mom game up, it helps me be a friend, a better fiancé.Everyone should do it.  I’M NOT SPONSERED BY SELF LOVE lol…or anyone actually hahaha. You like that, you know, how I spelled my laughing out so you know I am laughing in an audible hahaha. Anyway, side tracked…sorry.

  1. Take a bath, and were not talking a regular boring bath, every time you take a bath make it the bath of a life time! Im talking bubbles, im talking bath bombs or bath teas, im talking all natural and healthy but awesome bath products! You can make these yourself, like I do, or you can buy healthy natural products. I talk about making your own coffee massage bars in    https://whimsicalwolfblog.com/2017/03/06/diy-heavenly-vanilla-coffee-massage-bars/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true  Check it out on my blog! Candle lit, practice fire/candle safety, if you don’t know how to google it, I am too lazy to explain it. Put your hair up in a bun, get yo bath pillow and relax! Be careful though, after all of that work to make the bath, you might fall asleep, don’t fall asleep
  2. Journal. No matter what type of journaling you do, you are helping yourself feel less stressed, your getting emotions and feelings out, and you are taking part in a healing process.
  3. Color. I love coloring, I am very creative, so I like partaking in creative projects, like coloring. Try it, it is so fun and relaxing. You can just go off in your own world for a moment.
  4. Play video games, bet you didn’t expect that! Just be careful if you have an addictive personality, seriously, people get addicted to video games. Play an awesome game. My favorite is Elder Scrolls Tamriel online. Its stress relieving and if you find the right one for you, very fun.
  5. Eat breakfast, a lot of us, myself including, don’t eat breakfast, but need to. That’s the first place our energy comes from for the day, if you don’t, you will just be dragging all day, trust me. Make yourself a nice, big, full breakfast. They say at breakfast eat like a king, for lunch  eat like a prince, and for dinner eat like a pauper.
  6. Give yourself a foot massage, unless you can get someone else to, then definitely let them do it. It will be so relaxing and use lotion, so you will be taking care of your feet  by moisturizing them. For a little extra, use a lotion you made, or use a lavender lotion, or a scent that makes you feel calm. I always say, use aromatherapy as much as possible through out the day, you will love it!
  7. Exercise, I know it doesn’t sound remotely like self love to me either, but it really is. I need to exercise more, so am I being hypocritical? yes, I am. But seriously, exercise is really important. Especially as you get older. I am 31 and have not exercised regularly since I was in the Army, which I got out when I was 23. So , I know it is really important for people my age especially and older. If you are younger thought it is really important as well, think about your future. No matter what age we are exercise is important for our health, to relieve stress, to be able to sleep at night, lots of reasons. It helps prevent osteoporosis in women, it helps prevent diabetes, it helps prevent hundreds of things, literally. It is great for you. To learn more, google.
  8. Meditate. Take at least 15 minutes out of your day, every day, to meditate. I wrote a whole post on meditating , if you are interested in learning more about meditating. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, it can help depression. Sometimes what I do is take 15 mins and say in my head as I breathe in, the words in with positivity, and as I breathe out, I say the words release negativity. And take big deep breaths, and just to do that for  however long.  Here is the link to my Meditation post https://whimsicalwolfblog.com/2017/03/23/935/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true17102516750_b7b1421aa5_o

12 thoughts on “8 Ways to Practice Self Care That You May Have Not Thought of

  1. Great post! I guess we could all do with looking after ourselves from time to time. Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing. I am off to give myself a foot massage now 😉


  2. Hi Brandyn!
    What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it. I am practising a lot of self care without knowing it 🙂 So, I am doing six of the ways you mentioned. I didn’t understand Journal and I have never done meditation. However, because of your post about meditation, I am going to start with it! You have put a very beautiful image there!
    I had a look also at your Coffee massage bar! Watch out there is no images there.
    All in all, you are doing a great job! Wishing you a lot of success for the future!


    • thank you for reading and commenting! That’s great that you are already doing six of them! Thank you for telling me, I wonder why the pictures aren’t showing up, that sucks lol. Thank you for such kind words, I appreciate it


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